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Cindy Couyoumjian

Financial Advisor

Cindy Couyoumjian’s greatest passion is to empower people by expanding their financial literacy and awareness. As the founder of Cinergy Financial, Cindy believes that financial literacy is a moral imperative, which is why she devoted her professional life to help people understand the constantly evolving financial and economic landscape. Cindy has 36 years in the industry, 7 securities registrations (the series 6, 7, 22, 24, 26, 63, and 65), as well as a California Insurance License (License # 0719038), Cindy, has become not only a leader in the financial industry, but also an innovator of investment methodology.

In addition to guiding her customers towards their financial goals, Cindy has immersed herself in a thoroughgoing education and research. Cindy developed the innovative REALM model, which is a flexible and customizable multi-asset class investment strategy. In addition to her relentless dedication and commitment to her clients, Cindy is also the author of the Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Redefining Financial Literacy.

In addition to her innovative REALM model and writing a best-selling book, Cindy is also a highly sought-after financial planner. Since 2012, Cindy has been part of an elite group of advisors and ranked as the top 10 producers within her broker dealer, Independent Financial Group, LLC, with over $230 million under management.

Cindy’s commitment to financial literacy is evidenced by her numerous educational platforms. Cindy has her own YouTube channel filled with video lectures on financial and economic topics. She also hosts a monthly lecture series designed to engage the audience about the importance of financial literacy and investment strategy. Cindy also has a Financial Literacy Podcast, Virtual Webinars, and a powerful social media presence. Cindy’s website ( is filled with invaluable information on financial literacy, upcoming lectures, and free portfolio analysis.


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