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Take The First Steps To Securing Your Retirement

It Starts With Financial Literacy

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    Cindy Couyoumjian Featured On:

    Financial Literacy

    Promote Education & Knowledge
    Builds Confidence
    Uncover Hidden Economic & Political Forces

    Baby Boomer & Millennial Retirement Advice

    Outdated 60/40 Model
    Dynamic Diversification
    Managing Sequence of Return Risk

    The REALM® Model

    Pre and Post Retirees
    Building a Sustainable Retirement
    Legacy Planning

    COVID-19 Advice

    Portfolio Recovery
    Managing Risk
    Revisiting Asset Allocation


    At Cinergy Financial, our mission is to empower investors with information and knowledge to help navigate through the complex world of finance. We believe this new found knowledge will help investors change their investment mindset, potentially improve their investment outcome and potentially provide a sustainable retirement.